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By Sir Richard Francis Burton

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When the Caliph had made an end of condoling with him, he charged him not to absent himself from the Divan and returned to his palace. " So presently he carried him into his serraglio and calling a slave-girl named Kút al-Kulúb, said to her, "Ala al-Din had a wife called Zubaydah, him and solace him of cark and care; but she of Almighty Allah, and now I would have thee the lute,"--And Shahrazad perceived the dawn saying her permitted say. " Ala al-Din fancied that the Caliph was jesting with him; but, on the morrow, the King went in to Kut al-Kulub and said to her, "I have given thee to Ala Al-Din, whereat she rejoiced, for she had seen and loved him.

Now the reason of their failure to come was that the Caliph had sent to a great merchant, saying to him, "Bring me fifty loads of stuffs, such as come from Cairo,"--And Shahrazad perceived the dawn of day and ceased saying her permitted say. " So the slave took the letter and the goods and what else and fared forth on his errand. " So they set out both together and, when they came to the street in which the house stood, they found fifty he mules laden with bales of stuffs, and a blackamoor riding on a she mule.

Quoth Ja'afar, "He who went out but now to make water is the Commander of the Faithful, Harun al-Rashid, and I am the Wazir Ja'afar; and this is Masrur the executioner and this other is Abu Nowas Hasan bin Hani.. " As they were speaking, lo! " On the morrow he took ten trays and, putting on each a costly present, went up with them to the palace; and the Caliph was sitting on the throne when, behold, Ala al-Din appeared at the door of the Divan, repeating these two couplets, "Honour and Glory wait on thee each morn!

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