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By Richard Smith

ISBN-10: 0788505610

ISBN-13: 9780788505614

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CITe,CAT^,CeT^,CHTt coT€ COTS [CATCt] [cATc], p l . c o o r e [ecoTc] ccjDTe, C C T reach thrOW, SOW mi. arrow n. measure redeem, rescue, save; coT^,cAT^ ^rre/c/i, [CCJDT ] m . ransom, redemption peqccjore m. redeemer bringbuck c T 0 1 " , c - m . smell,fragrantplant c f N o y q e [ c f N o y B c ] m. perfume, incense cfBcuoDN m . stench CCDTR, C C T R c o T M ^ [ c A T M ^ ] ( c -) hear, listen to; m. TCTo 29 CAq CCJDTR R CCUTR obey obey disobedient obedient (CSTRZ^'^) RcA-,Nca>^ ATCCDTR CTRHT ca>Tn,C€Tn-, coTn=^,coTnt [ c A T n t , c A .

E astonished Me^po m . manure MA2T, M € 2 T m . bowels, guts, abdomen MRTC^ANTMA^T f. compassion Moei^e M2IT [MA^eie] m . Y, M2AOY MAAJce Mxxxe Moxz. m . tom^, cove [MXXB,Me(S)Xs] m. ear, handle f. XT [MOY

C J I ^ N B [oy 2e ] V. c. ^ioyx^iZ^T^^oY^^"^'^ be unsuccessful cmd o y o o ^ e f. scorpion oyco^e m. fisherman o y o D ^ M , o y e ^ M oyxz^^, o y o ^ R t m. ortwer, interpretation o y ^ o p , pi. f. eiTe],oyojc^ [ o y x j c ^ be whole, be safe, be healthy^, saved^; m. salvation o y o 6 e f. jaw, cheek oycD6n, o y e 6 n - , oyo6n=^ break, be broken oyco6c collect; m. collection o y o 6 o y e 6 , o y e 6 o y c u 6 ^ chew, crush called 4>i transliterated ph $ as number five hundred <(> for , sometimes the def.

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