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By Ehud Ben Zvi

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Famous historical-critical pupil Ehud Ben Zvi analyzes each verse of the publication of Zephaniah, reconstructing the old context of its composition, deciding on its authorship, and contemplating how its unique viewers might have interpreted its message.

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However, literary criticism does not ask the same kind of questions that the historical-critical methods ask, nor does it use the same methodology. , D'jron dj>, Zeph 1:4), 56 there is no scholarly consensus over which parts of the Book of Zephaniah are Zephanic and which are not. 57 That is, the claim of the superscription is accepted on its face value, at least for a considerable part of the book. , Zephanic) material in the Book of Zephaniah: (a) Zeph 1:2-3; (b) Zeph 2:7-11; and (c) Zeph 3:8(14)-20.

Williams. D. L. Williams, 1963: 83. 38 Zephaniah through the Ages' Minor Lacheman go beyond that and on the basis of the apocalyptic contents of chapter 3, conclude that the book was written ca. 8S The question of the audience of Zephaniah is closely related to the question of date. No one really doubts that Zephaniah (or the author of the book) was a Jerusalemite and that he spoke or wrote to his contemporaries. The issue is who were these contemporaries? In what religio-political and social circumstances did they live?

N. Sprenger (Einl u. Ausg), Theodori Mopsuesteni Commentarius in XII Prophetas (Wiesbaden, Otto Harrassowitz, 1977), 280-301; S. Hieronymi, Commentarli in Prophetas Minores (Corpus Christi anorum, Series Latina LXXVI a, Tumholti: Typography Brepols Editores Pontifici, 1970), 655-711. Cf. J. M. Miller: 12-14. 1235), even though they may be considered precursors of modem philological and comparative textual methods,49 and those written by Luther (d. 31 The main purpose of a review of the history of inteipretation in a modem historical-critical analysis to provide the essential background against which the thesis of the work is to be understood.

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