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Download e-book for iPad: A Mid-Atlantic Handbook: American and British English by Marko Modiano

By Marko Modiano

ISBN-10: 9144614519

ISBN-13: 9789144614519

Scholarly learn of the variations among British English and American English, meant for faculty beginners. It has an intensive dictionary-like vocabulary part with British phrases and American equivalents, e.g. torch = flashlight and explanatory remark for every notice. It additionally has lengthy record of British and American spell and vocabulary. Plus it has a bit on expressions resembling "carry coals to Newcastle" and their reasons. Bibliography, index, 150pp.

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1n campsite compground 1n candidature candidacy 2n candyfloss cotton candy Americans may not understand the BrE term. Also, another BrE term, cotton floss, is not used or readily understood in the US. 1 Reference List British English American English 3n caravan trailer These terms are confusing to both American and British people. The BrE term caravan, in AmE, indicates a single-file line of vehi­ cles or pack animals which travel over roads or rough terrain. Car­ avan, in BrE, denotes a home which is pulled by a car which has sleeping facilities and a kitchen.

The BrE term, which is not used for this purpose in the US, is, in general terms, a negative word (meaning no longer valid). Compare AmE dishonorable discharge. See cashier. 1n inverted commas quotation marks While many Americans would understand the BrE term, they would most likely not use it. The AmE term is readily understood in the UK. 1 Reference List British English American English 1n jacket sleeve Term used for record or CD cover. Most commonly associated with long-playing (33 rpm) records.

3n leader editorial BrE leader is not commonly known or used in the US. BrE leading article is also used in the UK. 1 Reference List British English American English 3n left luggage officice baggage room The term checkroom is also used in the US. An American may mis­ takenly interpret left luggage office, however, as a place where lost luggage is stored. See luggage. 3n lemon squash lemonade The BrE term is not used or readily understood in the US. The term lemonade, in the UK, denotes a carbonated drink which is lemon flavored.

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