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By Marc Hirshman

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Compares Rabbinic midrash and Patristic exegesis in past due antiquity and offers an advent to a few of the sorts of Patristic literature. via evaluating interpretations of the Hebrew Bible via Jews, Christians, and Gnostics in overdue Antiquity, this e-book presents a distinct viewpoint on those non secular pursuits in Palestine. Rival interpretations of the early Church and the Midrash are set opposed to the backdrop of the pagan critique of those religions and the gnostic chance that grew inside either Christianity and Judaism. The comparability of the exegetical works of Christianity and Judaism illuminates the later improvement of the 2 religions and gives clean perception into the Bible itself

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Akiva's final answer invites different readings, to which we now turn.  I return to this claim later.

Anthologies of homilies on single verses, organized to create a running commentary on a specific biblical book. 5. Notes from classes given at the academy of a specific Christian thinker. 6. Songs and ritual poems, which are replete with exegeses. Several other genres—histories, letters, stories of martyrdom, and so forth—also include biblical comments written in the Church during these years. These three elements—the language of the work, its geographic and intellectual milieu, and the literary form of the exegesis—all hamper attempts at a uniform description of Christian biblical exegeses.

Toward the end of the Dialogue Trypho even repeats a question, so that Justin might "exhibit the same proof to these men" (Trypho's friends—123:7).  Trypho's role can probably best be summarized in his own words, when he approaches Justin and requests, "Bring us on, then," said [Trypho], "by the Scriptures, that we may also be persuaded by you" (90:1). 10 As I have tried to show, Trypho is a pale character, unimpressive in his knowledge of Jewish teachings. 11 Exceptional are Justin's virulent attacks against the Jewish teachers.

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