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A Zen approach to bodytherapy: From Rolf to Feldenkrais to by William S. Leigh PDF

By William S. Leigh

ISBN-10: 0284910996

ISBN-13: 9780284910998

Publication through Leigh, William

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He authored numerous books including The Case of Nora, Body and Mature Behavior, Awareness Through Movement, Judo, Higher Judo, The Potent Self, and The Elusive Obvious. Moshes desire for knowledge was insatiable. He wanted to learn what everyone else was doing, then show the world that what Moshe Feldenkrais did was the finest. He loved to have peo- pie around him tell him how great his work was. It seemed that he always had to be at the center of the stage. I never figured out whether he really had a terrible temper or if he just liked to be dra­ matic.

We stood there looking at each other. " What follows are lessons and memories from my time with Ida. D. It was my first lesson in my first class with Ida. I had memorized the recipe for the first Rolfing session. I was working the soft tissue Ida w orking with a of the chest, moving it headward and toward the midline. I felt the rib cage rise and expand. " Ida asked. I named the muscles. " she continued. I said I didn't know. She asked again, and again I said I didn't know. We went through this a third time.

The young, well-built, great performers at Esalen only recorded forty or sixty. When this woman saw our astonishment, she told us that at Ida's suggestion she had been doing Dr. Kegel's exercises from the book The K ey to Feminine R esponse in M arriage by Ronald M. Deutsch (New York, Random House, 1968). Ida set up a research project in her first advanced class. Beforeand-after-readings were taken on all the women models. Most of the before readings were in the twenties and thirties and the after readings showed a gain of a few points to over twenty points.

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