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By Moshe Idel

ISBN-10: 0300135076

ISBN-13: 9780300135077

In this wide-ranging dialogue of Kabbalah -- from the magical traits of medieval Judaism to trendy Hasidism -- one of many world's prime students considers varied visions of the character of the sacred textual content and of the ways to interpret it.

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ABSORBING PERFECTIONS ABSORBING PERFECTIONS KABBALAH AND INTERPRETATION MOSHE IDEL Published with the assistance of the Ernst Cassirer Publications Fund. Copyright © 2002 by Moshe Idel. All rights reserved. S. Copyright Law and except by reviewers for the public press), without written permission from the publishers. , Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania. Printed in the United States of America by Vail-Ballou Press, Binghamton, New York. Cataloging-in-Publication Data Idel, Moshe, 1947- Absorbing perfections: Kabbalah and interpretation / Moshe Idel.

However, the efficiency of the Kabbalistic approaches to language or text depends much more on their parasemantic qualities than on their semantic ones. VI. REMARKS ON THE NOTION OF HERMENEUTICS Like Kabbalah, the term hermeneutics covers a variety of different schools and opinions, and it has been understood differently by various scholars. Here I would like to distinguish between three main topics that constitute the field of hermeneutics as it is approached in this book. The first topic is the nature of the author, which encompasses a variety of authors, beginning with the Author of the divine book, Whose nature was thought to inform the nature of the text He generated, as well as the task of the reader or interpreter.

28 The interplay and interactions between these models characterize many important moments of Kabbalistic creativity. To paraphrase Alexander Pope, we should better observe how system into system runs. Yet, given the fact that a theory of models in Jewish mysticism still has to be carefully formulated, I will attempt to delineate only what seems to me to be the salient points relevant to one model: the talismanic one, which will be addressed in Chapter 5. I shall not elaborate on the three models but only mention very briefly their most important characteristics relating to the nature of language.

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