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Put another way, as soon as a project or idea reaches the implementation phase, there’s a strong desire to move on to the next highly visible activity, leaving subordinates behind to sweat over the details. Of course, this extreme delegation only lasts if things are going well. When problems occur (ie, their images are threatened or pet projects start coming unravelled), narcissists swing to the other extreme and become intolerable micro-managers, often second-guessing subordinates and overturning their decisions based on ‘intuition’ or ‘gut feel’.

To Larry, making a few lousy suggestions was a direct personal attack. He sent me this blistering memo saying I was ‘insubordinate’ and deliberately trying to embarrass him. This kind of bullshit wore me down. It was a sick situation. Every day I went to work with a big knot in my stomach. I quit as soon as I found another decent job. ’ That was classic. . a perfect example of how he would twist things around to his advantage. It was actually a double win for him. He was able to drive me out and make himself look good at the same time.

When I asked him about it, he said that although my bonus was justified based on ‘profits, seniority, and performance’, it was still his ‘personal discretion’ not to give it to me. I know he’s trying to drive me out and it’s working. I’m tired by it all and fed up. Vice-president of finance, container manufacturing firm COUNTERING MANIPULATION AND EXPLOITATION It’s amazing to hear employees talk about the manipulation and exploitation that they experience at the hands of their narcissistic bosses.

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