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By Nelson, M

ISBN-10: 0691010986

ISBN-13: 9780691010984

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Severalscholarshave arguedthat 69. Pornographyand Representation, p. xviii. 70. See for examplesSir 23:22-26, 26:10-12, 41:22, 42:9-10. Campsees 26:10-12 as a Patriarchy: Womenin SecondCentury (ClaudiaV. Camp,"Understanding "pornographic" Like This':New Perspectiveson Jewish JerusalemThroughthe Eyes of Ben Sira,"in 'Women Womenin the Greco-RomanWorld,ed. Amy-JillLevine [Atlanta:ScholarsPress, 1991], pp. 1-39, esp. 22). "Portraits of Womenin Pseud-Philo'sBiblicalAntiquities," 71. See Betsy Halpern-Amaru, in "WomenLike This ", pp.

8, no. 19. (1878; reprint,Farnborough: GreggInternational 16. Habermann, SefergezerotAshkenazu-Zarfat,p. 145. 17. Forthis the chroniclerSolomon ben Simondeemedthempraiseworthyandsaidthat"hewho speaksevil of them,it is as if he speaks[against]the Holy Presence"(Habermann, SefergezerotAshkenazu-Zarfat,p. 57). 18. Citedin EphraimUrbach,Ba 'aleyha-tosafot,4th ed. (Jerusalem: MossadBialik, 1980), p. 82. WhileCalixtusII (r. 21 Christianlegalistof the century,JohnGratian(fl. ca. 1140),whoseDecretum becamethe standardreferencemanualof canonlaw in the WesternChurch, wrote, in thedays Those,however,whohadalreadybeencompelled--ashappened as by acceptingthegraceof of theveryreligiousprince,Sisebut-inasmuch baptismthey had become associatedwith the divine sacraments...

He grabbedher by her braidand broughther to Moses. All the peopleburstout crying,as it is written,"[Just then one of the Israelitescame and broughta Midianitewoman over to his companions,in the sight of Moses and the whole Israelitecommunity,]who were weepingat the entranceof the Tentof Meeting"[Num25:6]. K. "WhenPinhas,son of Eleazarson of Aaronthe priest,saw this .. " [Num 25:7]. Saw what? L. Rav said, "He saw the act and rememberedthe law. '" M. Shmuel said, "He saw that 'No wisdom, no prudence,and no counsel can prevailagainstthe Lord' [Prov21:30].

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AJS Review: Vol. XXI, No. 2, 1996 by Nelson, M

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