Alignment and Ergativity in New Indo-Aryan Languages - download pdf or read online

By Saartje Verbeke

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The ebook presents an outline of the alignment styles present in sleek Indo-Aryan languages. The research of the styles of case marking and contract ends up in a balanced view at the proposal of ergativity and evaluates its worth for typological linguistics. The ebook deals an intensive dialogue of past techniques to ergativity. It analyzes 4 Indo-Aryan languages - Asamiya, Nepali, Rajasthani and Kashmiri - at the foundation of textual content corpora. Examples from different Indo-Aryan languages also are adduced. The e-book is an intensive synchronic examine of alignment styles in Indo-Aryan languages.

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Agreement also indicates a relation, but codes only one particular “property” of an argument, such as its person, gender or number. In all other respects, case marking and agreement demonstrate the same distinguishing and indexing functions. 3 Alignment splits based on referential hierarchies Pairings of grammatical relations constitute alignment patterns. For instance {S, A} as opposed to O is the pattern of accusative alignment. As Bickel (2011) shows, there are many possible pairings of grammatical relations.

The semantic criteria determining the marking of O are usually definiteness and/or animacy, but the topicality level of O can also have an influence (Bossong 1983; Lazard 2001). Ergativity from a functional and typological perspective 37 An O-argument with features from the left side of the referential hierarchy should be marked because these arguments are the least likely to function as patients. In this view, O’s should be inanimate, indefinite and non-topical, and generally not salient to human perception and interests, in contrast with A.

This type of agreement does not necessarily derive from free pronouns becoming attached to a stem, but may have originated in a different way. For instance, if the verb was a participial (adjectival) form in a prior stage of the language, gender and number agreement are likely to be indicated on the verb. The function of agreement is less easily defined than that of case marking. Levin (2001: 21–27) summarizes three functions of agreement. Essentially, agreement on the verb repeats a certain feature already given by the overt argument, including features such as gender, number or case.

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