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By Douglas Hulick

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Drothe has been a member of the relatives for years, rubbing elbows with thieves and murderers within the hire of against the law lord whereas smuggling relics at the facet. but if an historic booklet falls into his arms, Drothe unearths himself in ownership of a relic able to bringing down emperors-a relic every body within the underworld could kill to procure.

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The tables had been removed, except for one placed in front of the long brick fireplace. A bluff-faced, stocky man, his hair thick with gray, sat facing them in a well-cut coat of dark green silk, hands folded in front of him on the tabletop. A slim woman who showed as much age stood beside the table in a fine, gray wool dress embroidered with white flowers around the neck. The local lord, Min supposed, and his lady; country nobility little better informed of the world than their tenants and crofters.

That false Dragon they caught and gentled last year. They talked it like it was true, my Lord. ” Logain was no great news, even if he had started a war in Ghealdan by claiming to be the Dragon Reborn. There had been several false Dragons the last few years. He could channel, though; that was a fact. Until the Aes Sedai gentled him. Well, he was not the first man to be caught and gentled, cut off from the 41 THE FIRES OF HEAVEN Power so he could never channel again. They said men like that, whether false Dragons or just poor fools the Red Ajah took against, never lived long.

Still, word of Alteima’s kindness would spread, if she knew anything about servants. A tall young man appeared before her in the white-collared red coat and burnished breastplate of the Queen’s Guard, bowing with a hand to his sword hilt. “I am Guardsman-Lieutenant Tallanvor, High Lady. ” He offered an arm, which she took, but otherwise she was scarcely aware of him. She had no interest in soldiers unless generals and lords. As he attended her down broad corridors seemingly full of scurrying men and women in livery—they took care not to impede her way, of course—she subtly examined the fine wall hangings, the ivory-inlaid chests and highchests, the bowls and vases of chased gold or silver, or thin Sea Folk porcelain.

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