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W. Edward Glenny's Amos: A Commentary based on Amos in Codex Vaticanus PDF

By W. Edward Glenny

ISBN-10: 900424557X

ISBN-13: 9789004245570

During this remark W. Edward Glenny offers a cautious research of the Greek textual content and literary gains of Amos in response to its witness within the fourth century codex Vaticanus. The observation starts with an advent to Amos in Vaticanus, and it comprises an uncorrected reproduction of Amos from Vaticanus with textual notes and a literal translation of that textual content. based on the aim of Brill’s Septuagint statement sequence Glenny seeks to interpret the Greek textual content of Amos as an artifact in its personal correct to be able to make certain how early Greek readers who have been surprising with the Hebrew could have understood it.

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The first clause, modifying the “words,” explains where these words came to Amos, and the second clause indicates that Amos “saw” these words, perhaps referring to visions like those described in chapters 7–9 (see Isa 1:1; Ezek 1:1; and esp. Amos 7:12). The description of the “word coming” to the prophet in the first clause (using a form of γίνοµαι) is typical of the first verse of the prophets in the LXX (Jer, Hos, Joel, Jonah, Mic, Zeph, Hag, and Zech), and this may explain the emphasis on this fact in Amos (note the similar added emphasis in the LXX translation of Jer 1:1).

8:5 λέγοντες] B, V, and Swete; οἱ λέγοντες A, Q, Rahlfs, and Ziegler. Θησαυρόν] B, Qmg, and Swete (corresponding to the sing. noun in MT); θησαυρούς A, W, Q*, Rahlfs, and Ziegler. µεικρὸν] B*; µικρὸν Bab and modern editions. στάθµιον] B, L, V, and Swete; στάθµια A, Rahlfs, and Ziegler. 8:6 καὶ πτωχοὺς καί] B (†); πτωχούς modern editions. 8:7 κατὰ τῆς] B and Swete; καθ᾽ W, Rahlfs, and Ziegler; κατ A; κατά V. νεῖκος] B*, W, and Rahlfs; νῖκος Bab, Swete, and Ziegler. Cf. 1:11 and the discussion of the same word there; in 1:11 it appears that later scribes have added the epsilon above the line.

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Amos: A Commentary based on Amos in Codex Vaticanus by W. Edward Glenny

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